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Christine for Council: A New Voice for Verona

My name is Christine McGrath. I am a mom, a dedicated volunteer, and a proven leader in the Verona community.

My husband Jess and I moved to Verona in 2010.  We wanted to settle down and raise a family in a community that was safe, had great schools and a walkable downtown area.  Verona was our perfect fit.

This has been an ideal community to raise our two sons, one of which attends H.B. Whitehorne and the other Forest Ave Elementary School.  What we love most is how family-oriented Verona is, and how multiple generations are proud to live and raise their families here. This multi-generational aspect of Verona is what sets us apart from other communities.  

Soon after I moved here, I started a mother’s playgroup and joined the Junior Woman’s Club of Verona so that I could meet other moms in Verona.  What started as a desire for community connection quickly grew to a passion of giving back to Verona to help keep the fabric of our community strong.  During these last 9 years, I spearheaded projects and took on leadership roles in several Verona organizations to do just that. I am most proud that I advocated to renovate our library and bring it to modern standards, making it a centerpiece of our community that everyone can enjoy.

On a day-to-day basis, Verona's local government is very well-run.  Town employees, police, and volunteer firefighters and rescue squad members are all extremely committed to the well-being of our community. However, I have become very concerned over the last year over the depth of the complex challenges that Verona is facing.  Does our community have a long-term strategic vision on how we will address some of our toughest problems?

In this crucial moment in our town, Verona needs leadership that is skilled at analyzing complex situations and planning for the future.  Verona needs someone who understands that it’s vital to involve the community in developing that vision, and keep them informed and engaged on decisions being made before they are made.

Verona needs a new voice in local government – a voice that is thinking ahead on what Verona residents need in order to raise their families here and stay here through their retirement.   On May 14th, vote for your new voice on Verona Town Council – Christine McGrath.  Thank you.

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